I have always been a sucker for female portraiture.  I don’t know what it is.  Women have this aura of mystery, magic, and beauty to them that really draws you in.  So when I saw these little mini portraits from the new Promenade collection by Danielle Kroll for Figo Fabrics, I knew the shop had to have them!  I mean look at those ladies!  Each little portrait measures about 1.25 inches on the short side and 1.75 inches on the long sides.  You can really get drawn into this fabric as each portrait is so special in it’s own right.  I haven’t even started on the Magical creatures and vases that are also home-runs.  Even the rainbow stripe is incredibly special.

We even were inspired to make a totally scrappy bundle with lots of multi colored fun going on!  Introducing our new Scrappy Tchotchkies Bundle!!  We made sure to add lots of fun color and prints to make a wonderfully eye catching little bundle!

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