If you fancy yourself a sassy sewist, (I certainly have my moments), you’ll be astounded by the genius that are Kylie And The Machine labels!  Say out loud what you’ve been thinking the whole time!  “Yeah! Sewing IS Sexy!”.  “Made with Love and Swear Words”, “Me Made” and more!  Claim it, and own it, by sewing straight into your garment or quilt!  Even though the world isn’t peeking into the inter-workings of your projects, having one of these little messages sewn into your projects is like having a little “inside joke”!  See what I did there?  Sometimes I can’t help it guys, I’m sorry for that.

Check out the assortment of woven labels in our store here.  These labels make such a great stocking stuffer gift for your sewing friends. 🙂