So let me be upfront about something.  I’m not new to the fabric industry.  In fact working in the industry and looking at prints for ten years, has even had a bit of a negative effect on me.  I found I wasn’t as excited by prints, just due to sheer over exposure.  Looking at new fabrics everyday is lots of fun, but overtime it can sort of dull your senses when it comes to finding *that* special fabric.   So truth be told I was in a funk.  That is… until I stumbled upon Gertrude Made’s Outback Wife fabrics.  Seriously.  These beautiful vintage florals just spoke to my sixties and seventies loving heart.  It was about over for me when I realized I would soon decorate my entire house, upholster all of my furniture, and wear every large floral.  I would be that girl.  And if time allows it, I might still be that girl.  But I shall not despair!  I will make SOMETHING out of all of this gorgeousness, if it kills me!

Since I’m starting out as a small store, I decided to only carry six of my very favorite prints from this group.  We are carrying three barkcloths and three merino/cotton blends.

The merino/cotton is sooooooooo soft you guys!  Like it’s what fabric dreams are made of.  Anybody else have those? Well I’m imagining it cut up… I know hear me out…  Imagine those colors as the splashing centers of a quilt block, surrounded by subtle creamy solids.  I may have to make that happen…

Here are the three merino wool blends.  Make sure to iron these ladies on low wool setting, and handwash for best results.

And here are the three barkcloth prints.  Totally cute, and dying to be made into a springtime dress.  These girls are made out of 100% Cotton.

















Are you inspired by these?  And if so, what will you make?

Thanks for reading along!  This post has been brought to you by the inner thoughts of a fabric obsessed ponderer.